Martijn Lofvers: ‘Innovating into the future’

October 22, 2020By marketingNews

There is an urgent need for innovation – and preferably right now. After all, COVID-19 has shown that many supply chains are unable to respond adequately to the consequences of a global pandemic. Innovation can help to prepare those supply chains for the next disruption, but what should you focus on?  The first step to … Read More

Lora Cecere: ‘Supply chains and S&OP to admire’

October 22, 2020By marketingNews

What sets excellent supply chain apart from the rest? Lora Cecere, founder at Supply Chain Insights, addressed this question during inNOWvate Supply Chain Event 2020 on October 13. According to Cecere, 85% of companies are not improvement-driven. “The worst thing we can do is boost an outdated way of working by making it faster and … Read More

Flowlity wins European Supply Chain Start-up Pitch

October 22, 2020By marketingNews

The French start-up Flowlity won the European Supply Chain Start-up Pitch during the hybrid inNOWvate Supply Chain Event in the Dutch city of Utrecht on 13 October 2020. This prestigious competition is organized by Supply Chain Media. Flowlity received a clear majority of the 389 votes that were submitted by the audience watching online. In this pan-European contest, … Read More

Excellent supply chains have better leaders, not better technology

October 21, 2020By marketingNews

Supply chains are under scrutiny due to COVID-19. Now more than ever, the question is what sets excellent supply chains apart from the rest, and whether the excellent supply chains of the past will also be the excellent supply chains of the future. Lora Cecere and Janet Godsell, two leading supply chain experts, addressed these … Read More