Welcome to the Tech Area at inNOWvate Supply Chain Event, where we delve into the cutting-edge innovations reshaping the future of supply chain technology. While our focus remains on software solutions and platforms, we also shine a spotlight on hardware innovations and related fields.
We recognize that technology is driving efficiency, transparency, and agility in supply chain operations. From state-of-the-art software systems to groundbreaking hardware advancements, we showcase a spectrum of innovations ready to revolutionize the industry. Join us in exploring the latest trends in technology, from the forefront of 3D printing with DiManEx to the integration of wearables for enhanced tracking and analytics with MotionMiners, and the exciting world of robotics. Discover how these technologies reshape supply chain processes and unlock new possibilities for efficiency and innovation.


DiManEx is a digital supply chain service provider of services that help its global customers improve their supply chain performance. Our platform based service provides AI based data analysis on 3D printability of parts, and economic feasibility of it (the business justification in the supply chain). In addition, we use different sophisticated digitization services to create digital twins of (spare) parts, that are ready for 3D printing (e.g. 3D scanning of parts, software based bulk 2D file (JPG) data extraction, 2D to 3D file conversion as well as a ‘Digital Passport of parts (defining 3D printing material, technology and partner to meet the part quality specs). Finally, we provide for a contracted, high quality, network of Additive Manufacturing service providers across the globe; allowing us to 3D print your parts wherever you need them, in the amount you need them, when you need them and in the quality required! Worth mentioning are the customers we service, like; Caterpillar, Whirlpool, Electrolux, Dutch Railway, Sidel, Case New Holland Industrial and more. In short: we help customers transition from a physical (risky) supply chain, to a digital (future proof) supply chain.


Motion-Mining® is a technology for the automated analysis of manual work processes, for example in production and logistics, using sensors, beacons, and machine learning. The goal is to uncover potential for optimization in terms of efficiency and ergonomics.

Motion-Mining® is mainly used in logistics and production processes. In addition, applications are already taking place in sales branches, maintenance processes, hospitals or on the last mile. In general, the technology can be used for all processes in which movement occurs. Currently, Motion-Mining® enables automatic process recording and key figure generation. This has the advantage that manual process recording and generation of analyses are no longer necessary. Our comprehensive analysis platform, MotionMiners PROCESS INTELLIGENCE (MPI for short), delivers a wide range of data, heat maps or activity diagrams completely automatically. Up to now, the interpretation of the data and the derivation of measures has been the responsibility of the process engineer. Our latest product MotionMiners SOLUTIONS supports the solution finding for the identified problems in the process. In the future, it will also be possible to generate automated optimization proposals based on the data obtained.